Zoo closes for snow, but camera catches baby elephant totally losing it with joy

The snow can cause a lot of problems. From schools and roads closing to people being isolated inside their homes and flights being delayed, bad weather frequently comes with not so great news. When the zoo public – being themselves wrapped up in thick coats, gloves and woolly hats – see the elephants in winter in the outside enclosure, they wonder, whether it’s not much too cold for the animals. However, it’s important to stay focused on the fun parts of winter as well. And there’s no one who knows how to take advantage of a snow day better than the adorable animals . Despite a closure due to weather conditions, the animals of the Oregon Zoo in Portland had a lot of fun playing in the huge piles of snow

Now, you may expect some of these animals to like snow, like polar bears, or penguins for instance, but you might be surprised to see that even elephants love playing in the snow. The sight will most likely remind you of those snow days back when you were a kid and the schools were closed. However the fresh air and the change compared to their living in the stable is good for the animals. It is important that the skin of the elephants is absolutely dry when they are let out from the stable into the wintry outside enclosure. Especially the edges of the ears and the tip of the tail of the elephants are particularly at ʀɪsᴋ at a sᴇᴠᴇʀᴇ ᴄᴏʟᴅ. The snow lets the outside facilities appear completely new and the ice forces the elephants to use a more careful and slower pace. Fortunately the elephants move on four strong legs with a good grip profile at their feet. Wranglings don’t happen so frequently and even the bull adapts his temper to the external circumstances.

I bet you didn’t care about roads being closed and flights being delayed then. All you cared about is getting together with your friends and playing in the snow. This is one of the best things you’ll see today!

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