You’re No Match For Me: Five-Year-Old Boy Takes On Huge Three Tonne Pele-Phants In Extraordinary Football Match – And Wins!

This little boy clearly wasn’t fazed by the size of his opponents after taking on two huge elephants in a football match – and winning.

Five-year-old, Finn Johnson, enjoyed a competitive kickabout with the playful pachyderms at Indalu, a game farm just outside Mossel Bay in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Elephants, Shanti and Amari, each weighing a mammoth three tonnes, showed off some impressive ball skills during the match.

But footie-mad Finn, who is tiny in comparison at just 2st 9lbs, wasn’t daunted by the size of the opposition and with the help of his pals, Hanro and Rohan van Rooyen, emerged victorious.

The boys used trees as makeshift goalposts and the extraordinary 3-2 win was caught on camera by Finn’s mum and wildlife photographer, Fiona Ayerst, from Mossel Bay.

Fiona said: “Finn’s competitive spirit was definitely piqued.

“As the boys settled into the game Finn realised that elephants can’t jump and this obviously didn’t help the bulky pachyderms in the ‘header’ area.

“Brawn was definitely weighed in favour of the elephants but ultimately the dribbling skills shown by the boys won through.

“If it’s true that an elephant never forgets, it may be best for Finn to try another game next time.

“Football is an enrichment game for the elephants. The game is perfect for co-ordination and also for keeping the elephants stimulated.

“This day was a win-win situation for all, Finn got to have some fun and pit his skills against a large animal and the elephants played a stimulating game.”

Finn added: “It was a bit scary at first because the elephants were so huge but as soon as I started scoring goals and beating them I wasn’t scared anymore.”

Indalu is home to lots of wild African animals and elephants, Shanti and Amari have been living there since being rescued more than four years ago.

Everyday both the elephants and their rangers roam the farm and guests are invited to meet and walk with them in the wild.

During this time guests are told about the threats to elephants and learn more about how they live.

To prepare the elephants for meeting strangers, there are exercises that the rangers perform daily including kicking a football.


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