Woman Shares An Inseparable Bond With Giant Elephants

Have you seen humans and giants bond together perfectly? Love, play, and fun gets better and bigger when our friends have tremendous body size. A lady shares a heartwarming moment with her huge friends.

It begins with a tricycle wobbling across a green field. A merry elephant trails the driver like a toddler gaiting towards his mummy. Sand dust falls off his body as he runs towards the driver.

Soon, more tuskers join him and their human friend. A young lady squats beside a stream and takes a wash. The elephants come close; one uses his trunk like a sponge to clean her hair.

Woman hugs giant elephants

To reciprocate his love, the lady washes the bull’s toenail down to his foot. The field had trees with curved tops like Chinese hats. A part of it extended into lovely green hills.

The wildlife conservator drove off, bringing the elephant in for a bath. She had more helping hands around. They left no area untouched, scrubbing every inch of their thick skin.

Gentle belly massage and light blow followed in the elephants’ treatment. They loved it and were refreshed for their next trip. Next was the final destination, and they hurried to it.

A wide shade upheld by thick wooden poles received some familiar visitors. The lady wrapped her arms around the giant legs of one elephant. She was embraced by a long snuggly trunk in return.

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