Two Circus Elephants Cry With Happiness When Reuniting Each Other After 22 Years Apart

Nothing is precious than a reunion. Many people have to leave their beloved family and friends for some reason. One day, when they have an opportunity to reunite with them, their emotions burst into tears and smiles. They cry but cry out of happiness. And these will probably be the most memorable moments in their life.

It’s amazing to know that elephants also express these feelings. Two former elephants at a circus can’t hide their tears and happiness when seeing their friend after two decades of separation. Time flies, but something stays unchanged. The love for our beloved people.

The heart-warming reunion was captured at Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Shirley and Jenny (name of the two elephants) recognize each other immediately. The old friends can’t wait to wrap their trunks around each other in a loving embrace. This moment melts the hearts of millions of people on the Internet. Animals sometimes express their true feelings much better than us. That hug can transmit a thousand words.

The friendship between animals is something powerful and mysterious. It can beat all the odds in this life and touch human hearts. Just look at the bond of these two former circus elephants.

It is just an old video but enough to warm our hearts and raise our mood for these uncertain days. Elephants are the most adorable, affectionate, and innocent animals in this world. This nature doesn’t change even when they grow up into giants. Stories and cute moments of these huge animals can always win my heart.

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