Thirsty baby elephant appears out of nowhere getting the help of truck drivers

A group of truck drivers was on their way through Botswana’s wilderness when a cute baby elephant appeared out of nowhere.

The men realized something must have happened, as usual, you won’t see the baby elephant alone but with its mother.

Wild animals, especially babies, try to avoid human communication, and drivers know it. Therefore, spotting a baby elephant on the side of the road is a sign of something amiss.

Worried about the tiny creature, one of the drivers decided to stop and check it.

The drivers carefully approached the creature, and they quickly realized that the small animal was urgently asking for water.

One of the drivers took his water bottle and gave the thirsty animal a drink. But that’s not all.

Give the baby a drink, and the good men searched for her mother; there was no sign of her, nor was there anyone in the herd.

They knew they couldn’t leave the baby there. So they loaded it into one of the trucks and took it to the nearest sanctuary, called Elephant Sands.

Thanks to these kind drivers, the child has a new chance to live!

“The elephant has been taken to Elephant Sands Sanctuary,” Paul Oxton, founder and director of the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, said.

In our view, in general, Botswana has one of the most remarkable, ethical and compassionate wildlife conservation strategies in the world.

Because of the effectiveness of the national strategy, we believe this cute baby will receive the best possible treatment and care.


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