The Jackals “Taste The Bitter Fruit” Because They Dared To ATTACK The Baby Elephant

Discovering 13 jackals intending to a.t.t.a.c.k 2 small elephants, the adult elephant chased the dogs away to avoid causing danger to fellow elephants.

The pair of hungry and cunning lions caused the elephants to die in an anger / D.e.a.t.h battle with 14 lions, the young elephant won

The series of photos were taken by photographer Mithun Hunugund in Nagarahole National Park (India).

According to Hunugund, the reason the adult elephant chased the herd was that he discovered that these jackals were intending to a.t.t.a.c.k two young elephants in the same herd.

Having not tasted elephant meat, 13 jackals ran “smoke” because they were chased by adult elephants.

Although being a herbivore, elephants are rare animals that no one dares to touch.

The baby elephants can play with peace of mind because they always have the protection and attention of the adult elephants.

After that, the jackals found delicious food.

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