Little Elephants Play In The Sand While Their Sister Gets Jealous

Khanyisa, the Albino baby elephant, was rescued by Adine Roode, who had founded the elephant orphanage and sanctuary “HERD” in South Africa. Adine worked very hard with her team to integrate the orphaned elephants into an existing elephant herd known as the Jabulani herd.

Little elephants playing in the sand

Khanyisa and the Jabulani herd elephants recently enjoyed cooling themselves down at a sand mound. The Albino elephant wasted no time and got into the pile. Kumbura and Bubi soon joined her. The six-year-old Timisa ambled about on top, and Limpopo slowly walked towards her. The baby elephant Khanyisa found a perfect spot for a nap.

The 15-year-old Limpopo took a cue from Khanyisa and decided to rest. It was not an easy task for such a giant elephant to sleep on the ground. Khanyisa curiously walked toward Limpopo to investigate what happened to him. Timisa joined in and checked on the majestic elephant sleeping.

Little elephants playing in the sand

Limpopo’s younger sister, Pisa, joined everyone at the top of the sand mound while Timisa took a bathroom break. Pisa got a bit jealous of or irritated by Khanyisa, who she often saw as an annoying younger sister. Khanyisa was knocked down again by the jealous Pisa. Finally, however, the albino baby elephant found a way to reach Timisa.

The 12-year-old Pisa, who fancied herself as a leader like her mother, Tokwe, would not give up so soon. They had a bit of a battle over who was closer to Timisa. Seeing them fight, Khanyisa’s adoptive mother Lundi moved in behind them.

Little elephants playing in the sand

Khanyisa soon began playing with her friend Timisa. They even practiced their sparring with one another. Khanyisa cleverly took the upper hand (trunk) and loved bonding with Timisa. Now the busybody albino calf joined Kumbura on the other side. Lundi, Khanyisa’s mother, helped Tokwe with her matriarch duties and had always been very kind and caring towards the young members of the herd.

Allomother Kumbura was found dusting sand on her body to keep the flies away. Timisa joined her adoptive sisters while Khanyisa rested at their protective feet. Bubi, the beautiful elephant, joined in to make the most of the sand bath. Sand and mud added a protective layer to the elephant’s skin. It was a very relaxing day for the elephants of the Jabulani herd as they cooled down and rested in the sand mound.

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