In this heartwarming video, two former circus elephants reunite after 20 years apart

Animals and humans may not appear alike, yet it’s impossible to deny the amazing similarities between the two of them. Every time an animal experiences joy or sorrow, it serves as a reminder of how similar humans and animals really are.

A heart-warming story recently came to light, and it soon became a worldwide sensation. Reunited for the first time in 22 years, these two elephants brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

As we watch Shirley and Jenny finally recognize each other after more than two decades apart, we can’t help but be moved. The emotional reunion serves as a sobering reminder that these animals are capable of feeling love in the same way that people are.

As the elephants meet for the first time in years, the caretakers are just as overcome with emotion. They watch in awe as the elephants suddenly recognize each other through the gates, their eyes wide open with eagerness.

What follows will bring you to tears, as they embrace each other in a tender embrace. See the heartwarming reunion of two ex-circus elephants in the video below—it never gets old!


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