I’m A Big Boy Now! Heart-Warming Moment Baby Elephant Thinks He Is Grown Up And Charges At A Safari Truck

I am a big boy now! A heartwarming moment when a baby elephant thinks he’s grown up and storms into a safari truck … before changing his mind and hiding under his mother

In his mind, this baby elephant is the wildest, most aggressive, and intimidating creature on the planet who can take on any predator that gets in his way.

An idea that might well have been the case for the youngster, before the safari truck he decided to square off refused to move, and the little calf was left toddling back to his mum for safety.

Running out from the long grass, the little elephant attempted to take on the parked safari vehicle head first
The heartwarming footage was taken by a group of tourists in the Kruger National Park in South Africa and showed the moment when the elephant calf decided to show its courage.

Running out from the long grass and taking the parked safari vehicle head-on, the little creature, who has been watching his older brothers a little too closely, goes in for the kill.

Then he stops when he sees that the truck has not yet moved backward and, after a break of a fraction of a second, turns on his heels and runs away.

The elephant disguises himself in the long grass for a little while before turning around to face the tourists, keeping himself very still not to draw too much attention in the meantime.

The calf stopped in his tracks and after pausing for a split second turned on his heels and ran away

After getting his breath back and psyching himself up, the calf returned for round two and ran towards the car

After getting his breath back and psyching himself up, he goes into the second lap and runs towards the car again, moving beyond the point where he stopped earlier.

He also moves faster and looks like he can contact the truck before going around in a circle without stopping and walking back into the bushes.

He moved quicker but before making contact ran in a circle without stopping and headed back into the bushes
When the calf’s mother comes by to check out the commotion, she suddenly appears in the frame and walks towards the boy, who is still hiding in the grass.

The baby decides to make one last attempt at chasing the vehicle away and quickly runs back towards it before turning and trotting away for the last time.

Humorously the elephant calf then goes and stands under its mother for safety reasons and looks back at the amused tourists before it goes down the street away from the truck.

Humorously the elephant calf went and stood under its mum for safety after trying and failing to intimidate the car

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