Huge Herd Of About 70 Elephants Was Found In Kruger National Park

A large herd of about 70 African wild elephants has caught a wildlife photographer’s attention after being spotted together visiting a waterhole in Kruger National Park.
In early April, amateur wildlife photographer Graeme Mitchley captured the large herd during a day trip in South Africa.

The seemingly never-ending stream of elephants spent more than five minutes attending the waterhole, cooling off, re-hydrating and enjoying a green-tinged snack.

Many young can be seen frolicking, fully immersing themselves in the water, while the rest of the herd loudly trumpet out in excitement.

“This is the largest elephant herd I have ever seen,” Graeme said.

“It was a great experience and I hope to see it again.

“They are really amazing creatures, and I love being around them.

“Elephants are highly social animals that show their excitement by trumpeting and growling low.

“I’m incredibly lucky and fortunate to be able to experience this.”

Many adult females are seen supporting each other in keeping the large herd together.

Throughout the entire video, the funny babies seemed to stay close to the matriarchs, who are estimated to be around 50 years old.

The photographer said: “Mothers would be very experienced to keep a large herd like this together and safe.

“The number of young in the herd, aging from a few months to adolescence, is evidence of very successful leadership in the herd.

“The young bulls will soon have to leave the herd as they will try to mate with the females – which quickly upsets them.”

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