Heartbreaking moment herd tries to rescue calf injured by a speeding car

This is the heartbreaking moment a herd of elephants tries to save a calf injured by a speeding car.

Footage from Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe shows the baby elephant lying lifeless on the floor while two adult animals – who appear to be his parents – desperately try to get him to his feet.

Although there are indications that it was able to get up and walk, it sadly died on the side of the road.

The video was shot by Heidi Haas, 66, trying to find the best spots to hunt.

She told LatestSightings.com: ‘I was completely shocked to see this baby elephant get hit by a speeding car.

‘With tears in my eyes, I had to witness how an entire family of elephants tried to help this little one without really being able to do anything.

‘There was really nothing more to do because the elephant had broken its legs and back. ”

Local rangers were called in to help, but they spent most of their time trying to keep other elephants in the herd in the bay because they were in danger of being trampled.

Ms. Haas said: ‘The elephant family didn’t want them near the herd.

‘They couldn’t do anything but help this baby elephant out of his misery.

‘I felt exhausted to watch, and I never wanted to have to go through a moment like that again.

‘My final words to all those who visit these magnificent Parks all over the world, be careful and don’t go too fast because losing such a beautiful life as in this case is absolutely unnecessary.’

The video begins with the elephant on the left side of the street with a herd of about a dozen surrounding it, seemingly screaming in desperation.

They managed to get it to its feet and drag it across the road before it collapsed.

It threatened to get up, at one stage trying to stand on all fours, but as soon as the adult elephant stopped supporting it, it collapsed in a heap.

Source: https://natureandwildlife.tv/heartbreaking-moment-herd-tries-to-rescue-calf-injured-by-a-speeding-car/

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