Elephant takes a sudden nosedive while walking along the side of a road

An Indian elephant appears to take a nosedive while walking along the side of a road.

A baby elephant was filmed in the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttrakhand, India, as it followed behind a safari vehicle.

It suddenly veered off the track and dropped its head and trunk into a grass verge, even raising one leg off the ground as it pushed into the wet dirt.

The giant mammal was observed standing on two legs while holding its trunk upright in a strange posture. Photographer Arpit Kubba captured the odd behavior, and he asked his guides what the elephant was doing.

The staff informed Mr. Kubba that the elephant was applying the morning dew to soothe itches and rubbing her trunk in the dirt as an exfoliant to get parasites off her skin.

Mr. Kubba stated that he had been tracking a herd of four elephants, including two females and two calves.

‘We said, “What just happened?” Because this female elephant was approaching us head-on typically, and then she went down, we were all perplexed.

The morning dew on the leaves is helpful for elephants who get fly bites and infestations, which are irritating.

They combine the dew from the leaves with the dirt and then apply it for therapeutic purposes.

It’s an elephant way to pamper oneself with a facial since the forehead and trunk are extremely sensitive, and they don’t want to irritate them on anything hard.

‘It was just out of this world to witness such behavior on how these animals utilize the environment to cure themselves naturally,’ he added.

From a distance of 500 yards, Mr. Kubba snapped photos of the elephant with a Canon 1DX Mark II and a Canon 300mm lens.

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