Elephant Stuck In Swamp ‘Screamed All Night For Help

Elephant Stuck In Swamp ‘Screamed All Night For Help

A viral video shows the dramatic rescue of an elephant from a muddy pit it was stuck in for over 12 hours in Karnataka’s Hassan district. This is the heartwarming moment a good Samaritan rescued an elephant calf hours after it got s.tuck in a swamp and collapsed due to exhaustion while tried to free itself.

The animal struggled whole night trying to make a way out for itself as its family patiently waited at a nearby patch of forest. But the help only came next morning when villagers heard its loud cried and informed forest officials for help. It was in the muddy pit for nearly 12 hours and cried for help all night.

The next day, with the help of villagers, forest officials arranged for an excavator machine to haul the elephant out of the swamp and tried to make a path for the calf to emerge out on its own. However, the animal was so exhausted with its attempts that it collapsed. The driver controlling the machine then had to gently nudge the calf to push it out of the pit.

The operation that began at 9 am ended nearly three hours later as workers dug through mud to rescue the jumbo

In the visuals, the elephant baby can be seen struggling hard to make its way out of the muddied pit but in vain. At one point, as the excavator approaches it, the elephant gives up trying and lies on the edge of the swamp.
The driver then gently nudges the animal from behind with the vehicle’s bucket and encourages it to stand up. The baby elephant musters courage and wishes itself out but funnily, turns its ire on the excavator forcing the driver to run away.
A loud cheer is then heard from the background as people burst into hooting for the elephant that swiftly runs into the wild.

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