Elephant Mom Sees Fourteen Wild Dogs Coming For Her Calf, But Then She Does This

Elephants have a reputation for having strong family units, bonding and connecting with each other in a way very similar to the way humans bond with their own families. This strong sense of family means they protect each other all the time, closely watching for and sensing danger if it is nearby. They are actually the only species besides humans that pays homage to their dead makes sure they are buried properly after death. Elephant herds are very tightly knit and each member protects the other in order to ensure their safety.

Mexican zoo live-streams birth of elephant named 'Zoom'

The herd bands together to beat the odds when a difficult or dangerous situation approaches. This idea of such a strong bond between animals may be difficult for you to believe, but it won’t be after you watch this video. If you can’t admit elephants have incredible social abilities after seeing this, well, then I guess I can’t convince you. We often think of elephants as having no predators because they are so huge, but the baby elephants are often at risk of attack because they are the weakest members of the herd.

Mexican zoo live-streams birth of elephant named 'Zoom' - Environment - The  Jakarta Post

Cameras were rolling as a pack of wild dogs approached an elephant herd to attack the weakest member, a baby. There were only a few elephants up against the fourteen dogs, but they joined together to protect the youngest member of their herd. Elephants are intelligent beings and of course, they sensed danger.

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