Elephant lost it with joy playing in the snow melting millions of hearts

Amid the cold winter, people are witnessing the heart-pounding scene when a mischievous elephant was caught on camera playing in the snow in Poland.

Bad weather can cause unexpected delays and cancellations of many activities. In January 2017, heavy snowfall caused the Oregon Zoo to make the decision to shut down operations for several days. While many visitors were saddened by the news, the zoo animals saw this as their chance to enjoy the best part of winter. It is true to say that they know how to make the most of snowy days.

Now, as you might think, we’re going to talk about polar bears or penguins, we have to say… NO! Polar bears and penguins aren’t the only two species that love snow. But do you believe that even elephants love to play in the snow?

If not, here is a video to change your mind. It captured an adorable moment the baby elephant lost it in joy in the Oregon Zoo. Since the clip was posted, it has garnered 4 million views and 28,000 likes on YouTube.

In the video, the elephant got too excited right after setting foot in the snow. It ran in joy, rolling and playing happily in the giant sleigh. This sight will most likely remind you of those snowy days when you were a kid, and schools were closed. This is one of the most amazing things you will see today!

Source: natureandwildlife.tv

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