Elephant found the perfect solution when it got an itchy rump

Humans aren’t the only ones who find it annoying when we have an itch that we can’t scratch.

An elephant found a solution when it got an itchy rump. The amusing video was filmed in Kalawewa National Park near Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.

The resourceful elephant discovered an ingenious aid to reach the target, unable to stretch its trunk far enough.

The video shows the animal sliding against a tree’s bark to relieve its discomfort.

The elephant keeps going for almost a minute, and it appears to really hit the spot.

The itch was not restricted to its butt, as the 11-foot-tall monster moves around and targets other difficult-to-reach spots.

It rubs its belly against the tree several times before raising its left leg to scratch the irritation there.

But the itch on its rear was still causing the creature discomfort, and it used the ‘tree scratcher’ once again to scratch it away.

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