Elephant Floats To Freedom After Falling Down 25ft Deep Well

Elephant Floats To Freedom After Falling Down 25ft Deep Well

This is the spectacular moment an ambitious rescue mission to save a baby elephant from a 25ft-deep well is finally pulled off.After the calf accidentally plunged down the waterhole,  in Jharkhand, eastern India,  The giant grey beast is discovered rolling about in the bottom of the well’s shallow water, seemingly distressed. locals hatched an ingenious plan to save it. After being floated out when local inhabitants rush to action and bring a hose, which releases water very sluggish into the huge farm well, filled the well with water, raising it out.

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The elephant, believed to be around 30-years-old, was found in Amliya toli village, Gumla, Jharkhand, on January 28, when villagers were passing through that area in morning saw the dis.tressed pachyderm. They immediately informed the local administration, who rushed to the spot and with the help of locals they rescued the elephant in a three hour operation.

They filled the well with water using three motorised pumps, as well as excavating a ramp so that the elephant could float up and climb out. The calf attempts to get a grip on the sloshy earth with its front feet and, after a struggle, it manages to haul itself up and over onto the solid ground.

Hundreds of people, including children, have gathered to watch and scream as the beast is set free. Eager to avoid being trampled by the disgruntled calf, they scurry backwards as it heaves itself to safety, but run after it as it lumbers off to join its herd.According to forest officials, the elephant had no injuries from its fall and went safely into the forest after climbing out. It joins three other elephants walking down a dusty road. The joyful people continue to shout while the adorable creature walks gleefully in the background.

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