Don’t Forget Your Gym Trunks! – Elephant Spotted Stretching Before He Plays

The animal can be seen stretching and bending his body before he locks tusks with another elephant.

The elephant was spotted by Ayesha Cantor, 50, who was on her way back from a wedding in the fever tree forest of Pafuri.

Ayesha, from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, said: “I noticed three elephant bulls coming down the road I was on, and as Kruger elephants are known for being quite testy, I stopped in my tracks.

“Little did I know that this particular elephant would have such impressive moves!

“It looked to me like he was stretching his legs and trunk, and maybe even doing some neck stretches too.

“I think it was so that he could be nicely warmed up to square up to his gym buddies.

“Elephants often get a bad rap for being aggressive, but if you give them their space and learn their signals, there’s nothing to fear.

“They are known to flick their trunk, shake their head, and even roll their eyes if you get too close to them.

“They are wonderful creatures, and it was such a privilege to be in their presence.”


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