Cute Baby Elephant Loves His Nap Time So Much That His Keepers Can’t Wake Him Up

This is the moment of a baby elephant who was deeply asleep, even when his mother tried to wake him up.

A heartwarming video showed the obstinate little creature snoozing soundly on his side in the center of Prague Zoo.

When the keepers offered him a little nudge, the youngster went after her mother, ignoring her irritated mother, who ran her trunk over him.

Nature And Wildlife
Nature And Wildlife

When he finally got up and chased after her, the zoo workers gave him a gentle push.

The little elephant male is sleeping in the grass in the shade of his mother, who kicks up dust. His front legs twitch, and he falls asleep with his mouth half-open in the image of tranquility.

His mother, becoming weary of the lengthy nap, walks over to him and strokes his sleepy body with an inquisitive trunk. When there’s no response from the lethargic youngster, she gives up and leaves.

Fortunately, keepers are on hand to assist, and one of them gently pushes the animal’s behind several times.

Nature And Wildlife
Nature And Wildlife

Finally, the yet-unnamed baby elephant raises his front legs and shakes himself awake.

In a matter of seconds, he is once again full of energy and bounds away with the keeper towards his mother. The delighted pair strolls off at the end of the clip.

The average adult elephant is approximately 250 pounds at birth and stands around three feet tall. They can’t see properly in the first few weeks, but they can recognize their moms by touch, smell, and sound.

They are very close to their mothers for the first few months, and they drink up to two years of their mother’s milk – around three gallons per day.

Nature And Wildlife
Nature And Wildlife


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