Cute Baby Elephant Hugs His Mother’s Tusk With His Tiny Trunk For Comfort

This photo, which depicts a baby elephant reaching out and grasping his mother’s tusk with his trunk, has to be one of the most incredible sights you’ve ever seen.

The tiny elephant was seeking assistance, wrapping his little trunk tightly around his mother for comfort as the herd stomped across the African plain.

The magnificent sight was witnessed by photographer Corlette Wessels at Madikwe Game Park in South Africa.

Nature And Wildlife
Nature And Wildlife
Nature And Wildlife

‘They had a few little ones in the herd, and this tiny baby was plainly an attention seeker.’

His mother took away the stick after he had been playing with it and taunted the younger elephants.

Nature And Wildlife
Nature And Wildlife

It was clear to me that he only wanted to grab her tusk so that he could apologize and show his affection for her.

It was fantastic and done with lots of love.

‘When I saw the photographs, my heart was filled with love – it was wonderful to observe how these brilliant animals showed their affection, care, and respect for each another.’


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