Clever Elephants Stand In The Middle Of The Road To Stop The Traffic For A Baby

1When it came to passing their young across, an elephant herd demonstrated that they would not forget about road safety.

The herd was captured crossing a highway in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

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An adult serves as a makeshift traffic light while another goes ahead of the road.

The calf follows behind a grown herd member, then the rest of the party crosses.

The photographer pans around to look for any more creatures before the cars resume movement.

Although the video was first published on YouTube years ago, it has recently resurfaced.

One user said: ‘Elephants love each other deeply. And they absolutely treasure their young. If we could quit shooting them long enough, we might just be able to from them.’

Another added: ‘We are so close when it comes to treat our kids. We share the same morality.’

Nature And Wildlife
Nature And Wildlife


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