Baby Elephants From Different Family Groups Surprise Tourists As They Greet Each Other

These stunning photos show a group of baby elephants amusing safari-goers with a huge pile-on next to a waterhole.

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Young elephants pile on top of each other by a waterhole in stunning pictures captured in a South African animal park

Family elephant herds meet at Shindzela Tented Camp in Greater Kruger, South Africa, as children gather to play.

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One of the elephants climbs on top of a relative lying on the ground as the family herds meet up in Greater Kruger

Tourists are amazed to witness the elderly elephants lying on the ground and letting the young climb on their backs and playfully push them with their feet.

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A young elephant playfully pushes a fellow animal with his front foot during the pile-on at the South African waterhole

Photographer Bobby-Jo Vial, 35, was in position just 25 yards from the ‘family reunion’ and watched the elephants pile up in chaos, as the animals made ‘loud noises’ ‘ with their trunks.

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Amazed safari-goers watch as the elephants put on a spectacular display at the Shindzela Tented Camp

She said: ‘Here are a number of different family units that meeting together. I think that’s why there was so much interaction happening.

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One of the elephants lies on the floor while another juvenile strokes its back with his foot during the playful meeting

‘Elephants have their immediate family herd and then they often meet with extended family herds like our own relatives.

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The photographer described the meeting as a ‘family reunion’ saying that elephants were meeting different family units

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The young elephants enjoyed playing by the waterhole with the older juveniles apparently leading the way

‘This could be a family reunion. All cousins ​​are playing. The baby elephants are the ones playing and the adult elephants are drinking from the waterhole while keeping an eye on the youngsters. ‘


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