Baby elephant leaves a perfect mark on his face after sleeping in the sand

A cute baby elephant has left a lovely mark on both the sand and the hearts of netizens after taking a nap.

One-year-old calf Anjan dozes off in the sand in his enclosure at Chester Zoo in the UK, his face and trunk etched in the sand perfectly.

The next morning, when the keepers came to feed them breakfast, they could not believe in their eyes when they discovered the perfect mark. The zoo then shared photos of Anjan’s artwork, and they immediately went viral.

People even flocked to the zoo to preserve the unique sculpture, but it was too late as it was right in the middle of the elephant herd and the funny baby elephant stomped on it shortly after the photo was taken.

“Our zookeepers regularly encounter marks in the sand but rarely do they see them as intact and perfect as this painting by Anjan,” the zoo explained on Facebook.

“What is quite remarkable is that no other elephants in the herd, or indeed Anjan himself, stepped on it and disturbed it before the zookeepers got to it the next morning.”


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