Baby Elephant Is Saved By Its Mother After Getting Stuck In The Mud While Bathing

This infant elephant had to be rescued by its mother’s huge trunk after becoming trapped in the mud while bathing.

The child was bathing in the lake when it became stranded after pulling itself out of the water.

Nature And Wildlife
Nature And Wildlife

The mother took her three-month-old calf to safety using her trusty trunk, which served as a crane while carrying the baby out.

After it finally crawled back onto firm ground, the little elephant could walk away from the waterhole to dry off.

Nature And Wildlife
Nature And Wildlife

Photographer Ken Watkins from Greyton, South Africa, traveled to Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park to capture images of the elephants.

‘Small elephants occasionally fall into the water in the national park, and this one couldn’t get out, he said.

I was concerned about the calf, and it only took the mother two minutes to rescue her kid from the watering hole.

‘When the calf’s mother was able to rescue it, they both walked off in the distance to get dry.’


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