Angry elephant sprays water on a bull that comes too close

When it got too close for comfort, a cranky elephant decided to splash a male buffalo with cold water.

The wild creature was relaxing in Kruger National Park in South Africa with his family by a small pool when the bull approached – annoying the elephant.

In a gesture captured on camera, the African elephant sprayed water on the bull to make it leave but missed the target.

In order not to be defeated, the giant creature then began to size up the bull, apparently undisturbed by the elephant’s actions, and continued to drink.

The amazing images were taken in the historic park, which opened in 1898 to help protect South Africa’s wildlife.

According to the Kruger National Park website, the area is home to 147 different types of mammals, 507 birds, 114 reptiles, and 34 amphibians.


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