Adorable baby elephant charge at a carto show who’s the boss

A cute video has emerged of an angry baby elephant charging at vehicles in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The footage shows a small elephant wagging its trunk at the vehicle as it tries to attack it.

The cameraman said: “This young male African elephant tried to show me and my guests how brave and strong he is.

‘Baby elephants do this quite often, and many will walk away at the first sign of aggression, but since I’ve studied animal behavior and worked in their environment on a daily basis, I can easily see that this baby elephant is just warning us and would not do actual damage,’ he said.

‘It’s fun to watch them. The secret is not to move your car and stay your ground.

I’m the boss around here! This adorable baby elephant charged a vehicle that invaded his territory in Kruger Park, South Africa

The safari vehicle stood its ground as the little elephant ran towards it assertively

But when another vehicle drove up, the elephant charged at it instead, and the car drove off, pursued by the territorial little elephant

‘The vehicle I’m using is an Open Safari Vehicle, specially converted for safaris.

“Note how he charged and ran after the smaller personal vehicle that passed me… that’s what will happen if you don’t stand your ground.”


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