A Young Girl Controls A Huge Elephant By Displaying Her Palm

Incredible footage of a modern-day David vs. Goliath scenario has emerged, with the underdog being a little girl.

On a highway in northern Kenya, a girl approached an oncoming elephant and seemingly directed it with her hand.

The incredible moment happened in Sri Lanka, with the girl showing no fear as she approached the beast looking down on her.

Nature And Wildlife

Despite its considerable size, the elephant appears to be afraid of her and flees backwards as she advances.

The little girl with the confident demeanor approaches the elephant and extends her arm; then it flees into the brush.

Others on YouTube remarked that they were shocked when the youngster approached the monstrosity and offered up her hand. ‘Oh my God,’ one person said, adding, ‘I can’t believe this is happening.’

Nature And Wildlife
Nature And Wildlife

One person inquired if the youngster’s ‘parents had been arrested yet’ for permitting her to approach a wild animal so near.

Another user, named bulbadox, observed that the elephant is young and might have been separated from its herd, making it feel uneasy.

‘They’re used to seeing people around,’ he said. ‘That calf is young and must have strayed from its herd, otherwise it would never be in this position.’

Nature And Wildlife
Nature And Wildlife

By: natureandwildlife.tv

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