Sweet baby elephant ‘dances’ in the road for safari tourists in South Africa’s Kruger Park

In a very sweet video, a lovely baby elephant – who is far from being shy – delights a group of safari tourists with his dancing skills. The adorable moment unfolded in South Africa’s biggest game reserve, the Kruger National Park, and the charmed tourists can’t get enough of it!

 In this viral video recorded from inside of a vehicle, a small baby elephant appears in the middle of the road and starts moving his legs, tail and ears in a funny way. It is obvious that this baby elephant enjoys a crowd and loves putting on a show.

The giant young animal swaying its trunk in glee and shaking its little tail as he seems to enjoy doing the dance as much as his audience enjoys watching. He stomps his feet, he kicks his legs out, and he shows that spraying water is not his only talent!

He holds his pose for a few seconds as the people filming laugh quietly so they don’t interrupt his display. The elephant saunters over towards its mother, keeping a little bounce it his step, and crossing his front legs over each other theatrically. Once his mother emerges from the grass, the baby keeps close to her right side as she comes on to the road. Unable to keep still, the animal walks backwards and forwards before heading towards the grass at the road side.

Originally posted online in July of 2019, this hilarious and adorable video has recently resurfaced to capture the hearts of viewers around the world. The invitees to this baby elephant’s private party, otherwise known as the tourists along the safari route, had no idea they would get such a show along with their safari this day!

“While enjoying a wildlife safari in the world-famous Kruger National Park, we had this incredible and comical sighting of this baby elephant dancing and playing on the road in front of us,” the video’s author explained to ViralHog.


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