Baby Elephant Stops In His Tracks To Sneeze And Scares Himself Into A Run

Elephants are big enough to be pretty intimidating, but they really shouldn’t be. Elephants are super gentle, kind and much smarter than you would think. They can also be totally hilarious, blowing water at zoo visitors and even playing football.

One baby elephant is now an internet sensation after he did possibly the cutest thing ever – scare himself with his own sneeze. It’s one of those things you need to see to believe, check it out below.


Most popular YouTube videos are all about fortunate timing – this one is no exception. It’s a pretty dull scene at first with just a few elephants slowly strolling by when suddenly a cute little one stops and stares at the camera, seemingly entranced.

Just a second later, the tiny elephant sneezes, perhaps for the first time and just can’t deal, scurrying off to hide behind mom. One day this little guy will be bigger than a car, but for now, let’s all just enjoy how cute he is.

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